In exercise of the powers conferred by subsection 15(1) of the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 [Act 549], the Minister declares the application of the revised standards as listed in the Schedule to be the Malaysian Standards for the purpose of this Act.

*As approved by the Minister on 3 January 2019


No.MS No.YearTitle
1.MS 15002019Halal food - General requirements (Third Revision)
2.MS 26342019Halal cosmetics - General requirements (First revision)
3.MS 2400-12019Halal supply chain management system - Part 1: Transportation - General requirements (First revision)
4.MS 2400-22019Halal supply chain management system - Part 2: Warehousing - General requirements (First revision)
5.MS 2400-32019Halal supply chain management system - Part 3: Retailing - General requirements (First revision)


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