Steps to Apply for Halal Jakim Certification

Do you own any of these facilities?

  • Eatery outlet – For food establishment such as restaurant, food court, etc.
  • Endorsement – For imported, exported or re-exported
  • Food Preparation – For catering establishment
  • Abattoir – For poultry abattoirs for their freshly-slaughtered poultry
  • Product – For products which are manufactured or partly manufactured/processed
  • Logistic Facility – For storage facilities
  • Food Processing Plant – For manufacturing facilities.


If you do, chances are you need HALAL certification. What is Halal certification actually? It is a recognition that proves a firm’s services and product including production facilities, retail premises, production process and ingredient are compiled to Islamic Syariah law. Especially if you are non-Muslim, and if your business is serving multi-religious and multi-racial Malaysians – it is good if you get Halal certified.


Why must you get Halal Certified?

Other than to increase the confidence of a specific target market, Halal certification will provide greater assurance to Muslim consumers globally, which will enhance your business competitive advantage. Due to guaranteed product quality assurance on the global Halal market, your business will leverage on small investment cost but with huge growth potential.

So why are you still hesitating?


How our consultant can get you to achieve your global business target?

Here we listed down, few simple steps in getting Halal certification in Malaysia.

  • Step 1 : Client confirmation & register via online (e-halal)
  • Step 2 : Consultant conduct internal audit, preparation of documentation and audit report.
  • Step 3 : Application submission, preparation of payment and external audit conducted by JAKIM /State Religious Department.
  • Step 4 : Review of Audit Report and prepare for Halal Certification.
Steps to Apply for Halal Jakim Certification

Our services

We provide Halal consultation and training to obtain Halal Malaysia certification from “Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia” or also known as JAKIM. Whether your premise is in Malaysia or overseas, we have enough experience and will provide you with a good understanding of the standard and requirements.
Why you should be our client?
  • Experienced and Genuine Consultants.
  • Faster consultation, submission of application and approval process.
  • We make sure you have good understanding on Halal Standards.
  • Transparent and NO HIDDEN COST.
  • 100% success rate by following our advice!


Let us help you!

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