Halal Business Opportunities

  • The evolution of global halal market since 50’s by the immigrants, 80’s by the growing fast food chains, restaurant and hotel, and 2000’s when halal become important source of income for government, through major retailers, food service, travel & hospitality, events and media
  • Halal food market is continue expanding to fine dining, in the air, in prisons, schools, hospitals and military rations
  • Somewhere along the lines, new non-halal food industry grows e.g. personal care, pharmaceuticals, logistic, travel & hospitality, ICT, internet & media
  • The latest, recognition of halal supply chain, farm-to-fork creating even more opportunity in the halal business (logistic)
  • Halal is not only for food, it is also not only for Muslim
  • “Since Muslims are the fastest growing consumer segment in the world, any company that is not considering how to serve them is missing a significant opportunity to affect both its top- and-bottom-line growth..”

    Addressing the Muslim Market – can you afford not to? AT Kearney 2008

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