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AnsarComp Halal Training & Consultancy (AHTC) is a new business unit in AnsarComp established officially in 2012, to cater the demand of halal service enquiries. AHTC is backed up with more than 15 years of combined experiences in consultation services in AnsarComp group of companies, since 2004.

Our Services

Addressing the Muslim Market – can you afford not to? (AT Kearney, 2008)

Halal Consultancy

We assist company in the Halal certification process for Malaysian businesses, so they have better opportunity in the i...

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International Halal Consultancy

International level Halal require different approach as different halal bodies needs recognition from other...

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HRDF Certified Training

We provide halal training to obtain Halal Malaysia certification with JAKIM. At the same time, we provide the participants with a go...

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WhatsApp +6011 3120 2252

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For more information about halal, training or consultancies, kindly speak to our consultant.

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Halal Info

The latest, recognition of halal supply chain, farm-to-fork creating even more opportunity in the halal business

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The increase in value and production volume of halal.

Halal Business Opportunities

Halal food market is continuously expanding, but Halal is not only for food, it is also not only for Muslim